RSS Headlines Help
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) News Headlines is now available from kattelhi. Now you can feed the latest headlines from kattelhi on your websites or blogs. But there are some formalities to be done to get the headlines.

Instructions for RSS
1. RSS Headlines are available from the following url, http://www.kattelhi.com/rss.php

2. To customize you can use the following parameters.

You can use the following variables for the parameter category:
» news
» report

Example of implementation:

Default value if category parameter is not defined by the user is news

You can limit the number of headlines to any amount of 1 to 15

Example of Implementation:

Default value for limit parameter is 10

3. If no parameters are defined by the user it will be returning 10 headlines from news category.

It will be same as http://www.kattelhi.com/rss.php?category=news&limit=10

4. If wrong variables are used for parameters then default values will be used.